Recovering Our Families

This class will provide you with a safe and supportive space to learn the tools of family mental health recovery including: Sharing stories for the purposes of connecting and healing, learning from people who have recovered from psychiatric labelling and extreme emotional states, deepening our understanding of the continuum of mental health and distress, harnessing […]

Recovering Our Hope

Many people who have recovered from psychiatric diagnoses and extreme states of emotional highs and lows have spoken about hope being the cornerstone of their healing. Several accounts of research place hope as one of the key components for mental health recovery. Sadly, hope is often an elusive commodity during intense times of adversity. This […]

Coming Soon

We are a growing community, who together are co-creating this space. We have many ideas of ways to grow this site to be as helpful and connected as possible. An active private forum for members A monthly class for alumni who want to maintain their recovery practice Live video hosted support groups facilitated with intent to keep […]


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